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We have incorporated a useful function inherited from the torpedo vb101. Find out more about our awardwinning two notes torpedo hardware, loadbox innovation, and wall of sound software, and official two notes online store. Ny amp show 10 two notes audio engineering torpedo vb101. Digitech gsp1101 with two notes audio engineering irs metal two notes torpedo vb101 used as ir loader only, enabling the usage of the full length of the irs, since the gsp1101 is only capable to. How to capture ravenscrys sound with two notes torpedo live. Brilliant overview of the two notes audio engineering torpedo vb101 by gundy keller. Torpedo wall of sound torpedo remote torpedo blendir. Torpedo studio users manual users manuals two notes. Questo video e collegato allarticolo pubblicato sul numero 327 del mensile chitarre. Two notes torpedo vb101 presentation by steve forward. The torpedo captor is an easy to use reactive load box and attenuator designed to. Official two notes audio engineering software downloads for torpedo hardware and software updates.

Please choose a product, torpedo wall of sound iii, torpedo remote, torpedo vb101, torpedo vm202, show all. The torpedo studio is the next generation of the worldacclaimed vb101, this is the pinnacle of speaker and miking simulation the ultimate load box. Highly realistic speaker simulation is achieved by use of convolution. Two notes started from that technology and brought it much further, to accurately reproduce the characteristics of the whole miking chain speaker, microphone, preamplifier, studio room acoustic. Two notes official website home of torpedo hardware and software.

For more information about the torpedo vb101, check. M torpedo captor torpedo studio torpedo live torpedo reload torpedo c. Two notes official website home of torpedo hardware and. To download your 24 cabinets, register your product on the two notes website, download and install the wall of sound wos plugin. Torpedo reload is a power attenuator, a multiimpedance load box, a di and. Torpedo captor reactive load box two notes audio engineering. Times follow us facebook instagram reddit twitter youtube by appointment. Torpedo remote 5 offers a new interface layout with updated menus to manage presets, cabinets and irs.

Torpedo vb101 presentation by steve forward at omega studios paris more info at. Buy from scan two notes torpedo captor 16 compact loadbox and amp di, 16. Presentation of the two notes audio engineering torpedo vb101 recording solution for electric guitar and bass amps. Two notes is also on the social networks facebook, soundcloud and youtube. Please refer to the safety instructions included in this manual. The vb101 incorporates a powerbrake to suck the power from the fullblown. Two notes audio engineering torpedo live digital loadbox. Find everything from our wall of sound plugin, torpedo remote software, firmware upgrades, manuals, and more here. It takes a lot of courage to play a jeff beck tune, especially on youtube, and he does it about as well as. Introducing the torpedo vb101 by gundy keller youtube. The torpedo live was directly inspired by the critically acclaimed torpedo vb 101, the firstever digital loadbox to have hit the market. Two notes torpedo captor 16 compact loadbox and amp di scan. Download the free torpedo remote software mac os x and windows pc.

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