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Six ordinary matoran are chosen to become toa, guardians of the legendary city of metru nui. Technical specificationschanges upscaled to 1080p hd. An hour long movie of your favorite flash episodes from the mata nui online game. Set in a universe filled with biomechanical beings allied with classical elementthemed tribes, the story follows two friends from the firebased village of takoro on a quest to find the owner of the mask of light.

The turaga have discovered that mata nui isnt just asleep, but dying. And here it is, the final bionicle movie i have patched up from different media. Its name meant great heart in the matoran language. The only hope for the survival of the islanders rests with two matoran villagers, who must find the seventh toa and deliver him the mask of light. With jason michas, andrew francis, scott mcneil, lee tockar. Share in the legend with books based on legos bionicle action figures. The movie was set before the events on the island of mata nui, some of which were depicted in the previous film, bionicle. It is the fourth and final bionicle film to be released. The island of mata nui must face one final threat from the evil makuta. It follows the toy lines 2009 story and features a. The legend reborn, mata nui was voiced by michael dorn. With christopher gaze, michael dobson, paul dobson, tabitha st. Michael dorn also voiced mata nui in the mata nui saga. Created in 2001 to bolster the technic division of lego building toys, bionicle would carry on for multiple years and become one of the companys most successful and popular.

The island was named after the great spirit by turaga vakama it was created in 1 bgc when teridaxs makuta virus sent mata nui to sleep. The rise of mata nui also known as the final battle animation is an online animation featured on in extended segments and which shows a simplified version of events which took place during the final battle, along with the exact details of the appearance and reawakening of the great spirit mata nui. Since i consider 2009 noncanon, this will indeed be the last one i make. These are the instructions for building the lego bionicle mata nui that was released in 2009. Landing on bara magna, mata nui found himself entrenched in a planetwide conflict and put aside his own concerns to assist newfound allies. Mask of light, in which you play as hahli of gakoro. I also loved the building experience it was pretty challenging but not over much so. The mnog continued the story from the perspective of the villagers at the insistence of lego, whereas this game was meant to focus on the mighty toa heroes. Along with the webbased mata nui adventure game 2001 aka the mata nui online game, this game picks up exactly where the gameboy game lego bionicle. Matoran adventures released for game boy advance in 2002, you play as matoran fighting against the bohrok.

Legends of metru nui is a 2004 directtovideo science fantasy action film and the second film based on legos bionicle toy line. Legends of metru nui is the second bionicle movie animated by miramax home entertainment. A new trailer has been released earlier today for a fanmade rpg based on legos classic bionicle franchise, titled bionicle. As a result, he crashed on aqua magna, a malfunction in his camouflage system creating a new island above his face. The beginning scene with the mata nui robot rising out of the ocean, destroying the island, was the originally intended ending for bionicle. Legends of metru nui centers on six matoran who are given the responsibility of saving the. Released in 2001, the game has touched many fans hearts and we thought this would be a perfect way to make a. The entitys name was a portmanteau of the names takanuva and makuta. It is also the second of the two films in the franchise to be given a rating by the. Six legendary, biomechanical heroes called toa arrive on the tropical island of mata nui. While the matoran prepare to return to metru nui, tales are told of when mata nui fell asleep, showing how metru nui became lost.

Characters toa mata nui tahu hahli nuparu hewki matoro makuta teridax kalmah mutran vamprah tridax spiriah lego minifigures joe brickenson susan brickla captain stephen brickulous nick bricker plot metru nui 100,000 years ago near the creation of the matoran universe, the mask of life was forged by the great. Bionicle 2 legends of metru nui full movie youtube. Takutanuva was the sentient being created when takanuva and teridax fell into a pool of energized protodermis and fused into a single entity, with takanuva being in control of it. Mata nui, once a great and powerful ruler, finds himself in a remote wasteland of scrap parts and burnished metals. Legends of metru nui is the second bionicle movie animated by. But as they accustom to their new role, conflicts quickly arise between them, and a sinister plot is set in motion right under their noses. Karda nui, also known as the universe core or the world that feeds the world, was a part of the matoran universe, and where the avmatoran first resided. This time, the player was able to navigate through mata nui using the matoran hahli. Mask of light the movie, is a 2003 directtovideo science fantasy action film based on the bionicle toy series created by lego.

This is the ultimate musthave for bionicle fansan insiders look at the city of metru nui, scene of all the latest bionicle action. Get a close up look at the buildings and the different metrus where the toa and the matoran go about their daily lives. A villager with no memories travels around the fantastical island of mata nui, helping its people fend against the makutas darkness and chronicling the achievements of the mighty toa heroes. The legend reborn is a 2009 american directtovideo science fantasy action film based on the bionicle toy line by lego. The toa metru return to metru nui to rescue the remaining sleeping matoran, only. The mata nui online game ii is the continuation of the mata nui online game. Mata nui was an island located on the ocean moon of aqua magna, which was a gigantic chunk that broke off of spherus magna. Originally a subsidiary of legos technic series, the line launched in europe and australasia in 2000 and in the americas in 2001. Mask of light 2003, before they rewrote its script to keep the mystery of the giant robot a secret for some more years. Game rant talks with crainycreation about the gameplay, reception, and. A 3minute fully animated film concluding the first 8 years of the bionicle lege. It contained the stalactite villages, the swamp of secrets, the codrex, and the shadow leech hive karda nui was created by the great beings to regulate energy throughout mata nuis body.

Joe before it, bionicle launched a series of films to advertise their toys excessively complex storyline. The second bionicle film, legends of metru nui, prequel to mask of light. Miramax and lego teamed together for this featurelength computeranimated scifi adventure. The movie is a custom bionicle movie told transformers style. Go to the install directory, go to the properties of bionicle. Mask of light in which the player may select different regions on the island of mata nui and learn of different facts about the characters associated with the regions. With the help of natures elements and their masks of power, they embark on a mission to save the islanders from the evil forces of the makuta. Technical specificationschanges upscaled to 1080p hd accurate noise removal on characters and textures original. Distributed by universal studios home entertainment, the film is a standalone sequel to the trilogy of films released by miramax home entertainment. The film opens with turaga vakama retelling the legend of mata nui, part. Each half included a movie, legends of metru nui and web of shadows. His toalike bodys design is similar to toa ignika s body, due to the fact that both bodies were created by the ignika.

Over the following decade, it became one of legos biggestselling properties. Legends of metru nui is a 2004 directtovideo science fantasy action. Mata nui, the great spirit, is a powerful being whose body contained the matoran universe. The sword is awesome and the shield is pretty good.

Bionicle mistika 2008 the rise of mata nui youtube. It is also the second of the two films in the franchise to be given a rating by the mpaa. These are the instructions for building the lego bionicle toa mata nui that was released in 2009. He is a little tricky to play with but what can you expect, mata nui is two times larger than the normal bionicle. It was inhabited by matoran up until 0 bgc, at which time new matoran from other locations moved in when their homes were destroyed. This game was played out of the view of toa vakamas mask. Id have to say 3rd is my favorite, the one with mata nui is my second. His feet, legs and chest also easily pivots due to piston type pieces on his legs and chest. Mata nui online game ii released on the lego bionicle website, it is the sequel to the mata nui online game and takes place before and during the events of bionicle. Mata nui explorer is a bonus feature included in bionicle. It is the second set containing a form of mata nui. This is the full movie and i do hope you guys and girls enjoy it, please leave a like for more great videos in the future, comment on what you like.

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